Sara Marshall | Marketing Professional

It is so difficult to pick only one of my favourite memories at DSI, I had so many memorable experiences with friends that I will hold onto for a lifetime! One of my absolute favourite memories includes our love for Britney Spears. Our obsession with Britney varied between bothering Miss. Wendy to let us lead warm-up to a classic Britney jam or insisting a Britney hit would make the perfect jazz large group number!  

After graduating from DSI, I pursued a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing at the University of Calgary. Following my graduation from the U of C in 2017, I have found new loves in the form of travelling and social media tactics. These days I can be found planning my next trip or working as a Marketing professional in the Calgary corporate community. Although I have moved on from DSI and acquired new passions, my first love will always be dance and the amazing memories I created at DSI!