Paula Brandt | UofC Bachelor of Science Student

My fondest DSI memories come from my performances. Whether we came offstage laughing, crying, or somewhere in between, I was always proud of what my team and I had put out there. I don’t think I will ever forget the sound of the audience at our last competition or the sight of a standing ovation at our final recital.  

I am currently enrolled at the University of Calgary working to earn a Bachelor of Science with a major in physics, and potentially a second degree with a major in biology. In the future I hope that this will lead me to a career in biomedical physics where I can develop more effective cancer treatments. As well as keeping up with my studies, I have designed the main parachute for a student designed rocket and become an executive for the Physics and Astrophysics Student Association. I hope to continue to dance my way through life and stay in touch with my DSI family as the years pass.