Olivia MacDonald | Registered Nurse

Passion for what you love, confidence and teamwork are just a few of the life skills I learned through my 13 years of dancing at Dance Spectrum. When I walked through the doors of DSI at the age of four, I was a shy and quiet little girl. With the caring guidance, commitment and dedication of the amazing teachers and understudies at DSI, I gained the confidence and courage to pursue what is important to me. Dance no only teaches you how to shuffle, chassé and plié, but also instills the importance of a strong work ethic, organizational skills and determination.  

After high school I attended Mount Royal University to pursue a degree in nursing. I graduated in December 2017 with my Bachelor of Nursing Degree and passed my NCLEX to receive my Registered Nurse designation. I am currently working on a cardiology unit at the Foothills Medical Centre.