Mr. Rocky Aquino | Teacher

This will be my third season with the DSI family, and I could not be any more stoked! I grew up performing traditional cultural dances and was fortunate enough to have a dance program be part of my curriculum as I continued through school. My earlier years as a dancer include a background in Locking, Salsa, Bollywood, West African and Choreography. My love for creating and pursuing the choreography route grew as I entered my high school years. Hence where I am now, a choreographer with a vision!  8 years later, I continue to work on honing my craft by training across Canada, as well as travelling to Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York. The Choreography route has also allowed me to compete on international platforms such as Hip Hop International Qualifiers in Ottawa, to World of Dance Edmonton, Vancouver and Las Vegas.  I’m grateful to have been granted opportunities to experience, such as performing at the Juno Awards for Alessia Cara and receiving a scholarship at World of Dance. Although, my greatest accomplishments would have to be creating and putting my projects on stage. Having my dancers be recognized for their quality while bringing my creative visions to fruition will always be the most rewarding. As corny as it sounds, I believe team work really does make the dream work.  I’m incredibly excited to be bringing in a different creative perspective to the DSI students and I know with the immense amount of talent, this season is only going to be amazing!