Lian Kwong| UBC PhD in Biological Oceanography Student

I have so many fond memories from my time at DSI, it is difficult to narrow it down to just one. From the countless hours spent rehearsing with my favourite people in the world leading to uncontrollable silliness, to the sense of satisfaction felt after having just executed a new move, to Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. Inevitably, the most memorable thing for me is the unconditional love and support that I felt from all my teachers and fellow dancers during my time at DSI. The friends that I made at DSI stuck, and we have continued being friends regardless of having left 10 years ago. 

 After graduating from Saint Mary’s High School in 2008, I worked the DSI front desk for 2 years while attending the University of Calgary. I then transferred to the University of Victoria in 2010, where I completed a BSc in Marine Biology. I moved to Vancouver and worked as an Environmental Consultant for two years before heading back to school in 2015 to do my MSc in Biological Oceanography. I finished my MSc in 2016, and decided to pursue my PhD, also in Biological Oceanography at UBC. These experiences have been amazing, I’ve travelled to remote places in British Columbia, and I’ve worked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean studying the small critters in the ocean. Regardless of the amazing experiences I have had since I left, I always miss the happy days of dancing every evening of the week and all-day Saturday.