Kate Brown | UVic Bachelor of Science Graduate

The entirety of my childhood and teenage years were spent at Dance Spectrum, and I could not be more grateful for that. I attribute so much of who I am to DSI. It’s been six years since my time there, and I continue to carry forward the friendships, life skills, and memories from DSI into my adult life. I often find myself reminiscing and missing the feeling of stepping on stage with my dance family. I remember my last competition performing with seven of my best friends; we started our pre-performance ritual as we always did by singing our made up cheer, hugging, and trying to stifle our giggles in the curtains. But, as soon as the music started, all eight of us had tears streaming down our faces knowing that it was the last time we’d share the stage together. For those three minutes, the audience and judges disappeared and I’ll never forget how full my heart felt in that moment.  

DSI nurtured my love of dance, and is the reason I try to find opportunities to dance whenever I can. From joining the dance team during my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Victoria, to dancing for hours at a fellow DSI alumni’s wedding, dance will always have such a big place in my life and heart.