Karly MacPhail | DSI Dance Teacher/Owner of Studio 85 HIIT and Yoga

 My favourite memory is a dance trip that we took to New York City… without our parents! We just had Miss Wendy as our chaperone and we had SO much fun! I don’t even remember which dance competition we were at, but I sure remember gallivanting around the Big Apple with my best dance friends, making memories that will last forever! 

 Life after DSI: Now, I am a studio owner just like Miss Wend, my role model. It’s not a dance studio; however, it’s a yoga and fitness studio in Aspen Landing, the SW part of Calgary.  “Studio 85 HIIT and Yoga” is my dream and would have never happened without my DSI family and everything that I learned… or for that matter, everything I am still learning ;). That’s right, I still teach Tap, Contemporary, and Conditioning at DSI and wouldn’t have it any other way.