Corrissa Thompson | DSI Dance Teacher/Assistant Operations Manager for Acrobatic Arts

My favourite DSI memory is the people I danced with, specifically in Senior Musical Theatre.  Our little friend group danced in the same Musical Theatre class for years with Miss Amanda, and it was always my favourite day of the week when I got to go in and hang out with the crew.  I specifically remember doing High School Musical and us all laughing basically the whole time until the day of the show.  On show day we all cried after as a few of us were graduating and it was the last time we would do an in class performance together. We had a lot of inside jokes build up over the years and I really miss those classes. 

For me there is no life after DSI, only life after graduating from dancer to teacher.  Since graduating I have completed my Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies through the Royal Academy of Dance and I am working to become fully certified in the ADAPT, Jazz and Tap Syllabus and the Acrobatic Arts, Acrobatics syllabus.  I am also currently working as the Assistant Operations Manager for Acrobatic Arts, when I’m not at DSI that is!