Bridgit Grundling | Senior Accountant

Favourite DSI memory: Too many to pick just one! One of my my most favorite memories was when I had to do a quick change in between competition lines and my copper and black skin tight crop top for our small jazz line “Joy,” got stuck and I couldn’t get it off! I had about 1 minute before I had to get back on stage and had to get a couple moms and Gillian Abbott to quite literally, peal it off, almost having to cut it off of me. That, and cuddling up with Cassandra Allred, 7/11 5 cent candies and her “Big Star” sweater every Saturday between competition practice on the couch.  

After graduating I attended the University of Victoria where I completed my BSc and pursued a career in accounting as a CPA. I’m currently living in North Vancouver, working as a Senior Accountant in Assurance at KPMG LLP and married to my amazing husband Chris!