Betsy MacDonald | MRU Business Administration Student

DSI taught me many lessons that I continue to exercise today and it has left me with some of the best memories. Firstly, learning to be punctual for class or the door would get closed and you would have to do the walk of shame into class. Secondly, having to remember various dance numbers and costumes pieces especially if dances were back to back. Lastly, school teachers always knew when competition season was coming because we warned them we wouldn’t be in class on various occasions. Missing class for competition was always fun because we got to walk around U of C or downtown Calgary in our hilarious musical theater costumes. One year I was the mummy in our character ballet competition, ‘Night at the Museum’, my mom had made this amazing costume out of ripped up sheets and when I walked around downtown people stopped to stare and take pictures. Another year for ballet recital, as a class we decided since Miss. Wendy loved Curious George we would have monkey costumes resembling Curious George. This was one of my favorite costumes out of my eleven years at DSI. DSI is a wonderful community where you learn to be organized, strive to be a team player and build up confidence for yourself. Through the hard work and dedication from each and every teacher I have gained and become my most confident self.  

Currently, I am in my third year at Mount Royal University taking my Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, while also working in downtown Calgary at an oil and gas service company.