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Tumble into our Exciting Acro Classes!

Acro is a great option for athletic kids who want to combine dance with acrobatics skills.

About Acro Dance

Acro combines dance techniques with acrobatic elements. It is a beautiful blend of artistic dance movements intertwined with well-trained, challenging acrobatic skills. Acro Dance differs from gymnastics in that it does not use gym equipment. Using the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, Acro dancers learn their skills using floor mats as they work through key categories to develop their skills in Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Limbering and Tumbling. Acro Dance is defined by its athletic nature and repetition of skill that builds upon foundational steps that become more challenging as the students progress.

Acro Students Will Develop

  • Increased Physical Strength
  • Transitions Between Acro Skills Through Choreography
  • An Outlet To Explore Athletic Ability
  • Improved Flexibility & Balance
  • Confidence Built From Achieving Difficult Skills

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Things to Consider


No previous experience is required for Acro Dance classes until Inter Acro (age 10+).

For Inter and Senior/Advanced Acro, previous Acro/Gymnastics training is required and/or enrollment is dependent on individual assessment of dancers new to our Acro Dance program. Students 10 and up must be currently taking at least 1 Jazz or Ballet class at DSi.


Attire A

  • Hair tied back
  • Black bodysuit
  • Black fitted shorts
  • Bare legs and feet

Attire B

  • Hair tied back
  • Black fitted T shirt or tank, tucked in
  • Black fitted shorts
  • Bare legs and feet


All Acro classes participate in our in-studio Winter Presentation in January as well as a year-end Acro Demo in June. This provides two opportunities to showcase learning and progression of Acro skills, as well as a short routine of Acro choreography of steps linked together with transitions rehearsed to set music.

*Please note that Pre-Junior, Junior and Pre Inter Acro perform their demo on stage at the Year-End Spring Showcase with a costume, and Inter and Senior/Advanced Acro perform their Acro demo in-studio during their regular class time.


We follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus for Acro Dance. We currently have no formal exams for Acro Dance, however, students are assessed yearly in-class by their teacher as they progress through their level. Students are provided with verbal and/or written feedback to chart their achievements throughout the season.


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